Best Chocolate gift box menu - Nelson's chocofellar gift selection

*New* Chocolate Gift Box Menu for the Fall

Fall has arrived early this year, after yet another beautiful summer here in the Kootenays.

As we gear up for the big holiday season of the year, we wanted to better illustrate our assortment of handmade chocolate bonbons and confections with a new giftbox menu.

Furthermore, we are also celebrating 3 new flavors that are now included as part of our assortment boxes.

72% Peru Truffle chocofellar nelson bc artisan
  • 72% Peru Truffle: a powerful single origin chocolate with beautiful, strong cacao taste.
Orange & Hazelnut Milk Chocolate diamond - chocofellar
  • Orange Hazelnut: A two layer bonbon with Dark chocolate, Orange and Grand Marnier ganache, as well as a milk chocolate with hazelnut bottom layer.
sour cherry cocoa nibs dark chocolate - chocofellar creation
  • Sour Cherry Cacao Nibs: A dairy-free confection, with punchy cherry flavor and delicious crunchy nibs.


Bon Appetit,

- Your Nelson's Chocofellar Team.