Chocofellar Values, Ethics, Sustainability and Ingredient Sourcing

We often get asked where our cacao comes from. What about the other ingredients in our supply chain? What about our staff?

Beyond our desire to provide you with the best chocolate creations, it is important for us to be transparent with the ingredients used and processed for our chocolate bars and confections. While our products are not re-certified organic in our own kitchen, most of our ingredient are certified organic by our distributors and importers.


  • Cacao beans: grown and harvested in small, sustainable municipal farms in the North East mountains of Colombia
  • Cocoa butter: organic
  • Cane Sugar: organic
  • Coconut cream: organic
  • Almonds: organic
  • Refined coconut oil: organic
  • Coffee beans: organic
  • Oats: gluten-free: organic
  • Pecan halves: organic
  • Thompson raisins: organic
  • Walnuts: organic
  • Hazelnuts: 100% natural, grown and harvested in the Fraser Valley, BC
  • Salt: Himalayan pink salt or pure Sea-salt flakes

*Please note that for allergen reasons, our kitchen remains peanut-free and gluten-free.

Employment Ethics

Chocofellar is locally owned and operated out of Nelson BC, providing its employees with above-minimum wages and extended health-benefits to its full time employees. Chocofellar seasonally cooperates with non-for-profit association Nelson Care to provide work and learning opportunities for locals with learning disabilities.
Chocofellar supplies the local community theaters, and supports many community fundraisers and events with donations.

Packaging & Waste

Nelson's Chocofellar packaging is elegant, minimal, and composed of 100% recyclable parts to reduce overall waste. With zero waste practices incorporated in our kitchen and office, we are producing less than 4 garbage bags of waste a month. Visually imperfect chocolate confections get either remelted or donated. Failed recipe experimentations get upcycled in cakes at home by our staff. Confections reaching their best before date get donated to our community.