pinnacle series chocolate bar Nelson's Chocofellar

Pinnacle Series: New Gourmet Chocolate Bars for All Seasons Adventures

In the early years of Nelson’s Chocofellar, Sam Lazenby and Hollie Wheeler, the original founders, came up with 6 chocolate bars, all still very popular today. Our 78g Coconut & Pecan Milk Chocolate bar, the last Chocofellar creation by Sam and Hollie is still a major hit, as it keeps on seducing long time faithful Chocofellar consumers as well as newcomers to our confections. But it's been nearly three decades since the last time we launched a chocolate bar. So it came time for us to create something.

This summer, Nelson’s Chocofellar released a new line of chocolate bars, the “Pinnacle Series”. The Pinnacle Series raises the bar with innovative tastes and textures, while honouring local landmarks and mountain culture. These gourmet chocolate bars are made in a “confection” way with a softer core, richer flavours, and an extended shelf life (6 months). Nelson’s Chocofellar bars are all gluten-free.

Each bar of this series is designed to be the ultimate treat to be taken anywhere and to give locals and tourists alike the perfect souvenir, or reminder of the gift of time well spent in the Kootenays.

Valhalla Crunch: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Delight

valhalla crunch 48g

Salty Single Track: 72% Single Origin Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes

salty singletrack dark chocolate bar single origin peru 72%

Cherry Nibbler: 61% dark chocolate with sour cherry & cocoa nibs

cherry nibbler - dark chocolate with sourcherry and cocoa nibs

Mountain Cookie - Gluten free Milk Chocolate bar with Almond Raisins Coconut filling

Mountain Cookie - gluten-free Milk Chocolate bar with almond raisin coconut cookie filling

Stay tuned for more novelty chocolate bars to be released later this year.


- Your Chocofellar Team

All photos on this post courtesy of Adrian Wagner.