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  • 18 piece box chocofellar BC Artisan Chocolatier Best Kootenay Chocolate
  • Maple chocolate, sambucca, coffee, handmade truffles
  • Blackforest chocolate, handmade truffles, fresh truffles, natural ingredients, sustainable chocolate
  • Zero waste chocolate, artisan chocolatier, high quality chocolate, cacao
  • 18 piece chocolate gift box, made in bc, west kootenay, nelson bc
  • Nelson's Chocofellar, best handmade Chocolate
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Nelson's Chocofellar

Assorted 18 Piece Gift Box (Truffles, Pralines & Chocolate Bonbons)

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3-tier Box assorted of 18 delicious handmade chocolates.

Net Chocolate weight: 225g


- Maple Walnut
- Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
- Raspberry Lemon
- Lemon & Coconut Truffle
- Silky smooth 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle
- Sour Cherry Walnut
- Raspberry Truffle
- Crunchy Almond Dark Chocolate Truffle
- Orange Pecan
- Four Roses Bourbon
- Gjanduja (chocolate-hazelnut butter)
- Black forest
- Almond Crunchy Amaretto
- Coffee Sambuca
- Milk Chocolate with Coconut
- Dark Chocolate with Coconut
- Dark chocolate Velvet
- Dark Chocolate with Mint
- Milk chocolate with Mint
- Dark chocolate with Ginger Marzipan

*based on available inventory. Our chocolates are made fresh in frequent small batches to guarantee the best taste and texture.